Reunion Insurance celebrates 10 years of its existence

On 3rd May 2015, Reunion Insurance Company Limited clocked exactly 10 years since the opening of its doors to the Malawi Public on 3rd May 2005. It has been a bitter sweet kind of journey as we recall how the company started with very humble beginnings.

Having started with a staff contingent of about 10 people (thus for both Blantyre -Head Office and Lilongwe Branch), the company has grown over the years to be amongst the highly reputable insurance companies in Malawi. This is evidenced through the steady growth the company has registered from inception and all this is because of the excellent claims and underwriting services that are being offered to the public which in turn exude confidence in its risk handling capabilities.

This achievement did not come on a silver platter but rather through sheer hard work, determination and the belief that against all odds Reunion is here to stay. It is the company’s drive to ensure that not only are we amongst the top best on the land but also the preferred amongst them all. The increased presence of our foothold in Malawi’s four political regions is a clear testimony of the acceptance of the Reunion brand by Malawians and we salute them for their continued support and the trust they have in the company.

As a wholly owned Malawian insurance company, Reunion believes in the “Best Buy Malawian” campaign whose goal is to see that Malawian companies thrive and continues to contribute to the economy. It is a fact that any returns the company makes are never exported through dividends to foreign owners but rather ploughed back in the motherland for the furtherance of development of our great nation. Our patriotism in this case cannot be rivaled.

In this regard, Reunion will continue to strategically position itself to offer our valued existing and prospective clients an insurance touch they have never experienced before through our “Express Claims Service”.

It is a fact that most of our clients attest to the fact that our claims services are second to none and as we celebrate this 10th anniversary we have this to say to all our clients both current and prospective” to hold your breath for the best is yet to come”