Reunion’s business is well protected by treaties and facultative reinsurances with reputable International and domestic reinsurance and insurance companies. Our good reinsurance programme strengthens our financial position further and is handled by a professional Reinsurance Broker:

Reinsurance Brokers International (Pvt.) Limited,
First Reinsurance Brokers Ltd Rose Avenue Off Denis Pritt Rd.
P.O. Box 50565, 00200, City SQ Nairobi, KENYA
Phone: +254-20-2717438/254-20-2710872 Fax: +254-20-2717182/254-20-2717437

Facultative Reinsurance is arranged as and when required and we have arrangements with all Insurance Companies.

Current treaty reinsurance is led by:

ZEP-RE (PTA Reinsurance Company)

Plot 356184, Base Park, Alick Nkhata Road,

Mass Media P O Box 36966, Lusaka, ZAMBIA

Tel: +260 211 251 227,

Email:, Head Office: Website:

Phone: +265 1 823 211 / 711 Fax: + 265 1 823 799