We are pleased to introduce you to our newest technology, Advanced Insurance Management System (AIMS).


Reunion Insurance Company Limited has over the past few months been busy working on a new and advanced Insurance Management Information System called “AIMS”, acquired from Aimsoft Limited of Kenya, with the aim of providing you, our customers, with more efficient and better service. We are excited to announce that the system was launched on 1st August, 2017.


Amongst the enormous benefits to the company, customers and all our stakeholders, AIMS has provided Reunion with integrated technology platform offering underwriting, claims, legal, finance, front office and customer relation Management capabilities. The system will thus:

  • Enhance speedy underwriting processes
  • Enhance fast settlement of claims
  • Enhance advanced record keeping and data management
  • Enable fast tracking of data and records
  • Enhance timely generation of financial and other reports
  • Enhance overall insurance business processes and business development
  • Enhance best practice standards and procedures.
  • Enhance business relationship with internal and external customers and thus promoting a vibrant interaction at all times. Stakeholders will have access to their policy details through web browser.


This advanced technology infrastructure is one of Reunion’s major investments and a grand achievement. Significant effort and resources have been invested to implement the system. In addition to system customization and testing, we have successfully implemented the system network connectivity across all our offices in the country. We have also provided extensive training to all our internal users. This and all our other achievements are attributable to all our esteemed customers and business partners.


Should you experience any issues after the system launch please report them directly to the following for prompt resolution:

  • Dickson Malamba on 0997 76 85 62
  • Kondwani Kainga on 0888 46 84 51
  • Madalitso Kamberengende on 0999 95 75 53
  • Or send your message through click the link to CRM.