• The Executive Director for BEIT CURE, MR ROB BROWN
  • Doctors, Officials and staff of BEIT CURE INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL,
  • Fellow members of Reunion Insurance and all our partners present here this morning,
  • Members of the Press
  • Distinguished ladies and gentlemen.


Good morning!

It gives me pleasure and much joy to be with all of you today at this  function where Reunion Insurance Management and staff are making a donation to Beit Cure International in support of  the noble task that BEIT CURE does in supporting our nation

………. We are aware that BEIT CURE International Hospital specializes in treating the orthopedic needs of children and adults and that all operations and clinical services for children up to the age of 18 are provided for free.


Friends, please allow me to express my warm gratitude towards the management of Beit Cure for allowing Reunion to come with her presents to patients and guardians at this hospital and also make a donation to the hospital. We acknowledge the work that you are doing to our country.  We also acknowledge the business relationship that exists between our two organizations.

As you might all be aware, we send clients to Beit cure for assessments and re-assessments after injuries before we make some insurance claim payments in relation to Road and industrial accident injuries. The Reunion team is thus very enthusiastic to make a contribution towards the development of Beit Cure and its activities. No matter how little it is, we feel our donation will give BEIT CURE a unique experience that will make a small difference in their functions.

Our donation which is valued at K2.2 million is in three forms:

  • ONE Million Kwacha cheque towards a child’s Burn Contracture Surgery
  • Food and groceries made up of 50 x 25Kgs Maize flour, 4 bales of Sugar, 2 crates of Orange Squash and 50 cartons of Washing soap.
  • Guardians uniform (30 branded T-Shirts)

We have consequently adopted one bay in the Surgical Ward and

it is our desire to make the donation bigger in years to come.

Reunion, a wholly owned Malawian Insurance Company, was founded on 3rd May 2005 and this year, 2017, marks our 12th anniversary. We decided to celebrate with patients and guardians here whilst we also acknowledge, through a donation, the role that Beit Cure plays, not only in our community in Blantyre but in the lives of many Malawians across the country.

History has shown that REUNION has passion for Health facilities as some of our previous donations also targeted hospitals and health facilities.

We feel this donation is a great way to give back to the communities that support our business and that have helped us to grow.  Other than being part of our community, we are also aware and appreciate that our customers from all corners of Malawi and even ourselves as employees of Reunion together with our family members directly or indirectly benefit from the health services offered by BEIT CURE, thus indirectly supporting us and our business. The professional service we get from Beit Cure cannot be overlooked. As a business we get valuable service from BEIT CURE in controlling claims costs through the professional medical assessments they do considering the rise in fraudulent bodily injury claims that we handle on daily basis.

Once again I thank the management of BEIT CURE for allowing us the opportunity to celebrate our 12 years anniversary with you and in this manner, please continue with your good health services and support us more.

Friends, please allow me also to express my appreciation to the Reunion team. They worked hard to make this function a success and making today a memorable day.

Let me thank all of you here for your presence and support.

God Bless you,

God Bless BEIT CURE and its staff,


And God Bless Malawi.                                                                                                      


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!